16 Organic Tampons
100% Pure Natural Cotton

With Biodegradable Cardboard Applicator

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Three-month package 3 packs £6 £2 / month
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Six-month package 6 packs £12 £2 / month
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every 6 months
1-year package 12 packs £24 £2 / month
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every 1 year
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On average it takes about 6 weeks.

Item Description

  • No Chlorine neither Dioxin used in the purification process.
  • No Perfumes
  • No Superabsorbent
  • Hypoallergenic, helps to prevent the risks of irritations and allergies.
  • Certified Organic Cotton
  • Gynaecologists, midwives and obstetricians recommend the use of cotton products for the feminine hygiene
  • Special Security Veil around the absorbent core which prevent fibres sticking inside women’s vaginal walls and making the tampon removal softer.
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