Organic Brands Limited was born out of the need to provide all women access to certified organic feminine hygiene.

Hello, I’m Rene, founder of Organic Brands Limited. My journey started during a visit to a local food bank in London with my wife, Lou. A young woman named Kate approached Lou and humbly asked her for a tampon.

Struck by the shame and embarrassment on the woman’s face for making such a request, we realized that, in addition to food, homeless women desperately need access to basic needs such as feminine hygiene.

Kate eventually confessed to using toilet paper from pubs and restaurants during her menstrual cycle because she couldn’t afford to buy tampons and pads, and was too embarrassed to ask strangers for help. We knew it couldn’t have been easy for Kate to talk to us about her situation. But Kate spoke such dignity that my wife was moved to tears.

Kate also told Lou that feminine hygiene products—whether tampons or pads—tended to irritate her vaginal tissue, and that her economic situation made gaining access to medical care and treatments just as difficult as providing for her basic needs.

We rushed out to buy Kate a box of tampons, but were hard-pressed to find an organic alternative to traditional tampons. When we returned with three boxes, Kate’s eyes filled with tears. She even began doling out the tampons to other women at the food bank — all equally as grateful. For a tampon!

The experience moved us so much that we decided right then and there to create a company that would address the needs of women like Kate.

Feminine hygiene may not be a popular topic, but it should not be overlooked. All women deserve access to basic needs like feminine hygiene. And since traditional tampons contain dangerous chemicals and pesticides that increase the risk of TSS and vulvitis, and the non-renewable plastic applicators are a threat to marine life, we began our journey with certified organic cotton tampons.

We plan to introduce more organic products for children, and in the health and beauty sector in the near future — and as our company grows, so will giving.

We’ve pledged 15% of our sales in the form of organic cotton tampons delivered straight to our partners. We partner with the Trussell Trust, the UK’s biggest foodbank charity which runs more than 250 strong network of foodbanks across the United Kingdom, and few homeless shelters in Essex, as well as Days for Girls — an international not for profit serving girls around the world with education, advocacy and sustainable feminine hygiene.

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Organic Brands Limited, the Natural Choice.

Rene Yocolly,
Founder of Organic Brands limited

Subscribe now! Help Yourself. Help the environment. Help a woman in need. Organic Brands Limited, the Natural Choice.

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